2020 Mercedes-AMG A45 S Is the Hottest Hatch

I would definitely buy the hatchback S variant of this vehicle, which I cannot have, because I live in the USA where we can’t have the really good things. However, let me nit pick something:

Those steering wheels with the touch pads – they’re terrible. I drove a 2019 C300 with the touch pads on the wheel and they’re absolutely terrible. (Side note, the RWD version of that car is un-drivable trash) Also, they still have the touch pad in the center console area, from a previous iteration of COMAND, and it’s also terrible. So they’re giving us two generations of shitty ways to interact with their system.

I know I’m bitching about the wrong things in a car like this, I get it. But man, their new huge digital dash / UX is so gorgeous and interacting with it is so bad.


I love hot hatches. I really do. I mean, put me in a Focus RS, a GTI, or a Civic Type R… and I’m happy.

But when you get north of $50K, that’s a hard sell. At $35K, a hot hatch is fun. At $25K, a used one is REALLY fun.

I just can’t see eating a $1,000 monthly payment on a hot hatch. It just won’t make itself work in my head.

I’m not talking about quality of materials or fit and finish, I’m sure they are top notch. I’m talking purely aesthetics, one persons subjective opinion, feel free to disagree, although I’ll have you know I have impeccable taste.

I personally find MB interiors to be tacky, gaudy, overly complicated looking, and completely lacking in class. YMMV

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The question is do I trust Mercedes to make a very blown 4 to not go boom in an expensive fashion somewhere down the road. While I love the numbers I just wonder what we sacrificed to get here. I’d still prefer a less boosted Turbo V6 or an unboosted V8 with these numbers.

You’re 100% right but environmental regulators don’t give a shit about these things all bring financial time bombs. The boosted tiny engines can put up great numbers on the tests by being tuned to stay out of boost in the test cycle. This teaching to the test can lead to some wonky behavior as well, but a good flash tune will fix that. 😉

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