300 million downloads dokkan banner

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300 million downloads dokkan banner Video Title: MAJOR JP SHAFT!? THE 300 MILLION DOWNLOAD TICKET BANNER + WALLPAPER IS HERE! (DBZ: Dokkan Battle)

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So now that 300 million downloads is confirmed, I wanna know who do you want to be featured on the dual dokkan fest. Let’s say it’s like 250m, so it’s a super banner vs extreme banner.

For me here is my list:



  • Agl Gogeta blue

  • Teq full power ssj4 Goku

  • Teq Vegito blue

  • Int ssj3 bardock


  • Agl Meta Cooler

  • Int Goku Black

  • Str Goku black rose

  • Teq Hit

  • Phy DBS Broly JP:


  • Teq transforming Trunks

  • str Goku transforms into ssj

  • basically the same except for the 2 units above


  • Agl Merged Zamasu

  • rest the same as my global list Have fun with it, no judgment from me lol