Is Online Gambling on the Increase in South Africa?

Is Online Gambling on the Increase in South Africa? Among African nations, South Africa is definitely a frontrunner when it comes to gambling. The country has had firm legislation regarding the practice in place for many years now, with clear delineations between what is and is not allowed by national law.

Is Online Gambling on the Increase in South Africa?

This clarity, alongside the country’s relatively strong economic performance and a healthy appetite for the pastime among its residents, has seen gambling go from strength to strength in the last few years.

Indeed, a recent report from PwC found that gross gambling revenue (GGR) in the country shot up from R26.9 billion just five years ago to R34.9 billion in 2021, signaling the massive growth that it has enjoyed. Online gambling has constituted a big part of that seismic shift, with the convenience and user-friendliness of the activity a big hit with the South African populace. Here are a handful of reasons why it’s expected to continue outdoing itself in the years ahead.


According to Statista, the median age of a South African was 27.6 years in 2020. That means that like most of its African peers, it’s home to one of the youngest populations on the planet. However, unlike many other continental countries, the economic situation in South Africa is fairly robust. This has contributed to a society in which there are people who are comfortable handling technology and have the luxury of disposable income, leading to an upsurge in the volume of mobile gambling traffic experienced in South Africa.


Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have become increasingly popular across the continent and South Africa is no different. Although the government have issued certain warnings over the risks involved in uptake of cryptocurrencies, it remains completely legal to buy, sell and otherwise exchange Bitcoin and other assets in the country. In turn, popularity of Bitcoin usage in South Africa has contributed to an expanding market for places in which people can freely spend their digital assets, with crypto casinos a favorite location.


The coronavirus pandemic has instigated lockdown restrictions all across the world, but South Africans have been particularly affected by it. On several occasions, the government have banned the sale of alcohol in order to try and limit the spread of the disease, while people have been confined to their homes for large stretches of time over the last 18 months. This has prompted many to seek entertainment on the internet and online casinos have proven to be a hugely popular source of enjoyment.

More options

After the legalisation of online gambling at licensed sites several years ago, a thriving market has sprung up to meet the new demand. With more and more websites to visit and more and more games to sample, South Africans have been spoiled for choice when it comes to getting their online gambling fix. That trend is only likely to continue in the future, as more casino operators look to enter the market and gain a share of the revenue.

With a favourable climate and widespread enthusiasm for the practice among the populace, online gambling is more popular than ever in South Africa.