Man Behind The Mask Wants to Make a Female-Led Reboot

You know, all off the stuff going on in the world, and my dumbass thought “ooh, let’s check out this clip for Weedjies.” What can I say? I love horror, even some of the dregs. So of course I had to click when I saw “from the creators of Ghoulies and the Puppet Master series”. It doesn’t look that bad from a 30 second preview but I’m not sure why they didn’t also include mention of the Killer Bong series which seems like better branding synergy. Unless, of course, they are waiting for the inevitable crossover event. (haven’t seen the KB movies, but I did see the first Ginger Dead Manand am aware that there was a clash between GDM and KB at some point because why not).

From Shivers to the original Rabid to The Brood to Scanners and Videodrome, these five films were deeply menacing despite a relatively low budget and left viewers (well, me anyway) deeply uncomfortable afterwards… in a very good way.

Rabid and Shivers were basically a version of the zombie film. The Brood… Jesus, how to explain that one? Freudian psychological horror manifested? Scanners was essentially a very, very dark take on mutants (it could be, in many ways, an X-Men story!). Videodrome, despite the old technology (loved seeing the old Atari videogame machine early on in the movie) was a wild and unpredictable story that would, IMHO, work very well remade for the internet age… where it seems to belong.

I don’t know what to make of the Rabid remake. The trailer doesn’t look bad but I wonder if, because of so many Zombie-type works already existing, this one might find little room to make any impression.

We’ll see.


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