The Soil New Album 2023 (Hit Songs)

The Soil New Album 2023 (Hit Songs)

The Soil New Album 2023 (Hit Songs): The Soil is a South African acapella ensemble founded in 2003. Buhlebendalo Mda, Luphindo Ngxanga, and Ntsika Fana Ngxanga make up the group. The band’s music is a fusion of traditional South African music, gospel, and soul, and they are noted for their distinctive vocal harmonies and beatboxing.

In 2011, The Soil released their debut album, “The Soil,” which included the smash single “Joy (We Are Family).” The album was a critical and financial triumph for the trio, earning them numerous prizes and nominations, including a South African Music Award for Best Urban Pop Album.

“Nostalgic Moments,” The Soil’s second album, was published in 2014 and includes collaborations with a variety of artists, including Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Khuli Chana. The album was likewise well acclaimed, and the trio received yet another South African Music Award for it.

The Soil New Album 2023

The Soil has released several popular songs over the years, showcasing their unique blend of traditional South African music, gospel, and soul. Here are some of their most well-known songs:

  1. “Joy (We Are Family)”
  2. “Sunday”
  3. “Lizalis’idinga”
  4. “Inkomo”
  5. “Lawula Nkosi”
  6. “Unspoken Words”
  7. “Thambo Lam”
  8. “Hamba Uyosebenza”
  9. “Echoes of Kofifi”
  10. “Asante Sana”

Popular Songs by The Soil

These songs represent the diverse musical styles and themes that The Soil incorporates into their music. They are known for their soulful harmonies and heartfelt lyrics, as well as their innovative use of beatboxing and vocal percussion.

1. Unspoken Word – Intro
2. Susan
3. Joy
4. Echoes
5. We Are One (Celebrate Humanity)
6. Iinkomo
7. Baninzi
8. Sedilaka
9. Noma Ungahamba
10. Asante Sana
11. Streets of Soweto
12. Hamba Uyosebenza
13. Andinanto
14. Korobela
15. Mkhuluwa
16. Ndibambe Kanje
17. Before
18. Girl I Love (I’m Lonely)
19. Lonely Nights
20. Lawula Nkosi
21. Bhomba
22. Susan (feat. Khuli Chana)
23. Impossible
24. They Fell
25. Sunday
26. Sunday – Perfomance Music Video
27. Thetha
28. Happy
29. Thambo Lam
30. Nonzwakazi
31. The Break Up
32. Kofifi
33. Unspoken Word
34. Uhuru
35. Unspoken Word (Intro)
36. Mama Ndiyahamba
37. Hamba Uyosebenza (feat. Ladysmith Black Mamba
38. Hamba Uyosebenza – Radio Edit
39. Selfie
40. Iinkomo (feat. Zakwe) – Beatbox Remix [Bonus
41. Baninzi – Beatbox Edit [Bonus Track]
42. Joy (We Are Family)
43. Lakutshona Ilanga – Live In Joburg
44. Inkomo
45. Inkwekwezi – Live In Joburg
46. Asante Sana (Live)
47. Joy (Live)
48. Sunday (Live)
49. Inkwenkwezi (Live)
50. Sunday – Live In Joburg

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