Zonke Dikana New Album 2023 (Hit Songs)

Zonke Dikana

Zonke Dikana New Album 2023 (Hit Zonke Embo Songs): Zonke Dikana is a singer-songwriter, record producer, and arranger from South Africa. She was born in East London, South Africa, on October 11, 1979. Zonke was raised in a musical family, with her mother a singer and her late father, jazz musician Vuyisile Dikana.

Zonke’s music is a combination of genres such as Afro-soul, jazz, and R&B. She is well-known for her strong vocals as well as her ability to develop and produce her own music. Among her most popular songs are “Jik’Izinto,” “Feelings,” and “Viva, The Legend.”

Zonke’s successful albums include “Soulitary,” “Ina Ethe,” “Give and Take Live,” and “L.O.V.E.” Her music has won her numerous awards, including several South African Music Awards and Metro FM Awards. She also serves as a judge on the South African edition of “The Voice.”

Zonke Dikana New Album 2023

Zonke is regarded as one of South Africa’s most accomplished musicians, and her music has struck a chord with people both locally and beyond.

Popular Songs by Zonke Dikana

Zonke Dikana has released several popular songs throughout her career. Here are some of her most well-known songs:

  1. “Jik’Izinto”
  2. “Feelings”
  3. “Viva, The Legend”
  4. “Ekhaya”
  5. “Tonight”
  6. “S.O.S”
  7. “S.O.S (Release Me)”
  8. “Say Now”
  9. “Ina Ethe”
  10. “Soul to Keep”

These songs are just a few examples of Zonke’s impressive musical repertoire. She is known for her soulful and emotive performances, as well as her powerful songwriting and production skills.

Top Zonke Dikana 50 Songs

1. Tonight
2. “Jik Izinto”
3. Uzondilinda
4. Ekhaya
5. Say Now
6. Uyandithanda
7. Feelings
8. Reach It
9. Soul to Keep (feat. Kwesta)
10. Uphelelwa Lixesha
11. Intliziyo
12. L.O.V.E
13. Ndiyak’thembisa
14. Nomanyange
15. Best Days of My Life
16. Feelings (Live)
17. NdiliMpondo
18. Amanga
19. Jik’izinto (Live)
20. Uzohamb’ubuye (Live)
21. S.O.S (Release Me)
22. Ngomso (Live)
23. Ina Ethe
24. I Believe
25. Viva The Legend
26. Phuma Kum
27. I Know A Place
28. Learn To Love
29. Viva the Legend (Live)
30. Dear Child (So Many Ways)
31. Pleasure
32. Anywhere U Go
33. Bafazi Belali
34. Uzohamb’ubuye
35. Say Now (Live)
36. Never Again
37. Ugugile
38. My Music
39. Ndigoduse
40. Jik’izinto
41. Free State of Mind
42. Nomanyange (Live)
43. Funky Lovin’ (Stay With Me)
44. Great Storm
45. Meet me in my Dreams
46. Soul to Keep
47. Ina Ethe (Live)
48. My Music (Live)
49. Overture (Live)
50. Forever in Love

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