Acura Really Wants to See You in an NSX

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Problem is, no one was buying the last gen NSX either, even as much as people clamor and overpay for used ones today. After 1992, the sales numbers dropped by half and continued to steadily peter out until in 2006 when they sold just 58, and 2 in 2007, which were the remaining lot.

So saying people were waiting for it is half truth BS. Oh they wanted to see it again, like the Supra, but no one was going to really buy it anyway, just like they didn’t buy the last one until it was gone and they could get them cheaper used. Honda knew this, and that’s why they weren’t in a hurry to roll out another expensive halo car that ultimately no one would buy and they’re probably kicking themselves for listening to the hallow desires of empty pockets. They couldn’t even get your butts in an S2000 enough to keep it alive because for $10k more you’d rather be seen in a smug little poser Boxster, or $10k less, a bargain roadster Miata, or crappy American made Solstice or Sky.

Most Honda fans are poor, most NSX fans are window shoppers and no one with the actual cash and means wants to drop 6 figures on a Japanese car anyway because their rich, bigoted and smug friends won’t be impressed enough by an expensive “Jap” car.

It’s got more than one seat, so I don’t see why not.

But it might just be that I don’t understand the question. Because every time I’ve seen it asked (always in Jalopnik reviews), the answer is always yes. I take my baby in my 2 seater all the time. Where are these cars that won’t baby? Why is this question a thing?

Because I believe there are some rules as to putting children’s car seats in the front passenger seat?

Typically it refers to a mother, father AND a baby. Or in today’s world two Mom’s, two Dads, or two transsexuals…or any combination of this AND a baby.

The fact that you’re discounting it will make people want it LESS…..

Its like Acura doesn’t understand how to “Prestige”.

You MSRP it at the 20k off and then mark it UP 20k at all dealerships with incentives for the dealerships to add even more ADM on top. Get photos of major celebrities bribing their way onto the wait list and then add more ADM for everyone else.

PM me, Acura and I’ll tell you what my salary demands are.

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