Keep Your Home Cool How to

If you have a swamp cooler, use it wisely. Swamp cooler = fan blowing air through a wet media. Do not use it in a closed room. Air can travel long distance if provided an exit. Every swamp cooler need to have an exit for the air. It works by drawing air in through a wet media which cools the air, but the air needs to be constantly moving somewhere else, like outside the other side of the house.
I had one set up where it cooled an office about 50 feet away that went through several door openings, and around a few 180 degree corners. I kept the cooled air from going anywhere else. I had a fan at the exit location to draw the cooler air through.

Swamp coolers are more energy efficient that regular air conditioners, but don’t work at all in humid environments. 

Drove me crazy when I entered a room with a swamp cooler and no exit opening. It just raises the humidity. My spouse never understood the concept, so when I gothome, I had to rearrange things to make it work properly.

We’ve got a sunroom, which is situated in such a way that we can’t plant any trees around it, so holy shit does it get hot in the summer.  We pull the shades, but even then our heat pumps are working like crazy to try and control the temp (and failing).  They can switch between AC and straight dehumidify, so it depends on how humid the day is going to be, but I’m not sure which is the more efficient setting.

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