Moving Sucks, But Especially If You’re

It’s taken me years, but I finally learned to let go of nerd trinkets. The turning point for me was when I realized I had a bunch of crap lying around for things that I didn’t really like anymore, and yet I was still dusting them or trying to find storage space for them.

I ended up nuking the vast majority of the toys, decorations, and clothing items (most of which didn’t fit anymore or had stains). We’d actually been considering moving somewhere with more space, but doing that made me realize that we were just fine. Also, what was left behind stands out morebecause it’s not in the middle of a bunch of other similar items.

Now, if I see something I like, I do some serious gut checking to see if I really want it or not. If I can only get it for a limited time and it doesn’t fill a need I already have, it’s an automatic hard pass. Otherwise, I’ll put it on the backburner and see if I come back to it later.

I already do have less tchotchkes, at least compared to people that share their collection online (gundam model kits). Where people have multiple shelves of kits filled to the brim with kits (… Seriously, a shelf has like, at least 20?), I just have 10 or so.

14 if including the backlog.

It’s all a matter of really taking time to measure if, in 10 or 20 years, I’ll still hold this item to the same sentimental value I have today. If it passes that test (multiple times over the course of a month or more), then it’s a buy. No impulse buying, ever. That’s the rule.

Except for the Death Star ice cube tray. That was impulse. No regrets. It’s a pretty big cube too! Moon. Err, battle station. 

We are moving from a house we have spent 20 years in. It has 4 bedrooms, a full basement, and a 3 car garage. With all that easy storage space I don’t think we threw out anything. The new place is a 2 bedroom condo with one garage space, no basement, and a small storage locker. I also retired a year ago and don’t need all those business clothes anymore.

I have literally made 30 trips to Goodwill this year. Friends and family with recentHigh School and College graduates have been pillaging our possessions for months to furnish the next stage of their lives. Want to make a nephew happy? Give him a 32″ TV to take to school. Movers won’t touch my extensive wine and whiskey collection. The garbage and recycling bins have been full to capacity every week.Fortunately, we are only moving 50 miles, so I have moved alot of stuff already, like you did. I sold about 2500 books, 1000 cd’s and 100 DVD/blu Ray’s to Half Price Books. Lots of trips to the County electronics recycling center to get rid of tube TV’s, monitors, old desktops with 20gb HDDs, and other obsolete or broken tech that can’t even be given away. We are making progress, but there is still probably going to be an “estate sale” and after that, some charity will still be backing up a truck to take more stuff away.