Prince Kaybee Finally Explains Why He’s Performing Amapiano

Prince Kaybee Finally Explains Why He's Performing Amapiano

Prince Kaybee, the afro house music producer, has finally explained why he produced an amapiano song with Miss Lira months after condemning the genre.

The Grammy-winning music producer says he only does amapiano when the stakes are high enough.

Kaybee just announced a new three-year agreement with Liquifruit as well as a new amapiano tune with Miss Lira.

After mocking other musicians that ditched their genre for piano, Prince Kaybee has been dragged for his Amapiano version of Miss Lira’s Feel Good.

However, a Twitter user has expressed his opinion, stating that the song is fantastic and that he would like Prince Kaybee to produce more Amapiano hits.

“Well Done!!!, the song sounds like a banger too, when are you releasing it? Might as well produce more AmaPiano hits”

In response, Kaybee stated that he is not an Amapiano producer, but that he will do so if the money is right.

“I’m not really an Amapiano producer, I’ll only do it when the money is right, in this case the numbers were beautiful. But I don’t have anything against it, I love and support it and wish it lasts forever”