What Was Your First Amazon Purchase?

My first order was in 2002. It was a self help book – on getting rid of ones’ self reliance on self help books.

It was ok. Sadly, the sequel to that book was the best in the trilogy.

even scarier do this and look at the total you’ve spent since day one…

Step 1: Access “Your Account”.
Step 2: Under “Ordering and shopping preferences”, click “Download order reports”.
Step 3: Select your date range. … (I chose Jan 1 and my start year to present day)
Step 4: Amazon will begin generating your report, which may take some time depending on how much money you’ve spent. Then download and open the csv in Excel and highlight the entire “Total” row and click Autosum to total it up and look at the total spent….

Mine was $16,859.62 . HOLY CRAP! that’s in 12 years but still….ouchie!

Age of Empires Gold Edition CD ROM. February 2006. It was $0.01 and $5.45 shipping, lol.

That is if the timeline Amazon gives you to look stuff up is accurate. It allows me to pick years back to 2006 and that year it shows I made 3 purchases. The other two purchases being a Haynes repair manual for a Honda Accord and a computer case fan.

I have 86 orders in 2019 so far and 190 orders in 2018. The way I buy stuff sure has changed over the years. I am sure I buy way more online than at brick and mortar stores now but mostly it is because I cannot find a lot of the stuff I want locally.

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